Wedding photography

One of the most important moment of the life is your Wedding.

It’s a memorable day for you and your whole family.

Wedding photography is one of the most important part of my job.

I started with very small weddings in Italy for arrive to photograph a Vip Wedding at Maldive Island!!

My career in wedding photography is something memorable too.

I learned from the best Italian wedding photographer. Year after year I improved my skills and now I am bringing all my experience here in Colorado.

What distinguish me from the other wedding photographers is the attention to details, guests and your whole family in your big day.

I know what does it means being a bride, the time and stress spent for organize perfectly the wedding day and specially what a bride wants.

She wants remember everything!!!

I pay attention to every moments, every expressions, every emotions and also to those details that made you crazy during the organization.

Wedding photography is an art, is not for all.

And remember: I will never delete a picture where you look good. Never!!!

I will give you all the pictures that i took during your day and they will be carefully edit from me.