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“You don’t marry the person you can live with, you marry the person you can’t live without.”

I am a Colorado wedding photographer.

I was born and raised in Italy, where I worked for many years in luxury wedding photography for a photo studio in Milano.

Weddings were my beginning as a professional photographer in Italy, and my own love story (and subsequent wedding) brought me to America.

Hiring my services for your wedding will guarantee the sophistication and aesthetic sense that has made Milano a world capital of fashion and design.

From Italy with love, I will immortalize your magic love story…

I have experience with wedding ceremonies from different cultures and religions.

Because of this experience, I am very aware and careful about every single moment of your wedding.

My style is clean and tidy. No mess in my photos. Even in the most hectic situation, I can identify the perfect scene and turn it into a beautiful memory.

Wedding pictures will remain with you forever, so choosing the right photographer is a key decision in the planning of your wedding.

I rejoice in the thought that my pictures will be part of your lifelong memories.


Let’s talk about weddings

The Big Day has many wonderful scenes, from getting ready to the party.

As a wedding photographer I know that all these moments are important and lovely to photograph.

Together, we will plan the best timeline to capture every important scene.

I brought my Italian style to America to give you very glamorous memories of your Big Day.

I pay particular attention to details, to all the magic scenes of your wedding, from your flower arrangement to your rings and everything in between.

My equipment enables me to use only natural light to exalt your beauty. I want that my newlyweds to look amazing. And they always do.

I honor all your guests and family members. You will have a memory for everyone present at your wedding.

My mission is to capture your true love, every emotion, all the funny expressions and your incredible beauty during the most important day of your life.


My ideal clients:

You love high quality Photography.
You are planning your wedding and you are looking for a world class professional wedding photographer.
Your wedding requires a responsible and reliable professional, with a unique style.
You want someone flexible for your ceremony, even someone who can travel.
You are a bride who wants a photographer that can capture your beauty.
Or you are a relative or friend of the future newlyweds and you want to make a gift to them on this special occasion.


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