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Engagement Portraits

“Two souls … one heart”

I am a Portrait photographer and engagement portraits are a great part of my job.
In fact, I totally love to do it.
Couples, engaged or not, are always very fun to photograph!
I really enjoy to be part of your story, capture your true and wild love, your funny expressions, your kisses, your emotions.
I think it’s amazing to have beautiful professional pictures of your memories together and not just selfies.

Nowadays, everybody has a bunch of pictures taken with smart phones.
But the engagement is something very special and a magic moment of our lives.
You feel like the happiest person on Earth.
Consequently,  immortalizing this moment with professional pictures it’s a wonderful idea.
It means to celebrate this event and give it the importance that it deserves.


Let’s talk about engagement portraits

There are different possibilities for an engagement photo session.
One: organize the shooting for the date on which you will propose to your partner. A full Surprise package for a memorable moment.
Two: organize a shooting after your engagement, so that you will not be stressed about the answer…
Three : organize a shooting without being engaged at all… I mean, why not simply a couple photo session at your favorite spot?
Four: organize a pre-wedding session just sometime before your wedding to become  familiar with your wedding photographer and grow confident in front of the camera. This will prepare you for the big day, as you will already know what kind of poses are better for you.

You will be free to decide the location of your couple/engagement shooting.
I may give you some suggestions about the outfits to look amazing in the pictures.
In any case, I will follow your natural way of being, giving only few suggestions for the poses.
I will capture your love, passion, and complicity at your most intimate moments.


My ideal client

You love photography and you are engaged, or about to be…

So you want to immortalize the important moment of your engagement with outstanding pictures taken by a professional photographer.

If you are already engaged, you will probably want to do the famous “Save the date” for your wedding invitations.

Or you may want to do a pre-wedding shooting to be more confident in front of the camera and have pictures to show during your wedding day on a tableau marriage, the gift table, or even a big screen.

If you are not engaged, you may want to take pictures with your partner just because you really love pictures and photography in general.

Also, you may like to share your amazing love story with your friends and family on social media.



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