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Laura Mariani

I’ve spent the last 8 years capturing moment of true love, adventurous people, lovely families and chasing beauty across the globe.

I worked for the most important wedding photo studio in Milano where I learned everything, from composition to be always ready to travel around the world.

I believe that every story is special and different and deserve to be told in a unique way.

My goal is to use my skills and passion to leave a mark in the world by capturing and spreading beauty with timeless photography. And to create the most beautiful portrait have you ever had.

I want that my clients look amazing and they always do.

This is the job that I am honored to do.



My Style 

Someone says that an artist must have a specific style, but I love many different styles.
This because I always follow the flow of your emotions, the spark of the moment, the energy of different people, the atmosphere of various places, the changing light…
Every time is different and every moment is beautiful.
I love to capture your true moments of love, intimacy, and passion, but also your beauty, the details, and the funny moments.
I will follow your natural way of being and I will give you only a few suggestions.

I am happy believing that my pictures will be part of your life forever.

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