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Newborn Portraits

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

I am a Portrait photographer and Newborn Portraits are a great part of my job.
I have done many newborn photo sessions in Europe and America, for families of diverse backgrounds, and the joy and beauty are always there.
Certainly the arrival of a baby is an unforgettable and wonderful moment.
So it must be immortalized with quality Newborn portraits taken by a professional photographer.

Capturing the first days of your baby, the details and the love you feel, it’s something magic and unique.
I love to take portraits during natural moments of the newborn life, with parents or just the baby alone, giving particular attentions to details like hands, feet and eyes.
My mission is to capture the sweetness and the beauty of this new family and create timeless beautiful pictures.


Let’s talk about newborn portraits.

There are two kind of photo sessions:
1 – Outdoors with natural or urban background
2 – Indoors in a studio or at your home
You will choose what your preferred setting.

I will give you some suggestions about the outfits, because it makes a big difference in the results of the pictures.

Above all, I don’t like artificial poses and artificial settings, I use only the natural light.
My editing is soft without artificial effects that make the pictures look fake.

I usually take lifestyle newborn portraits. 
Following your natural way of being , I will work with you to obtain the most spontaneous pictures where you and your baby will look amazing.
I like take pictures of the baby alone and also with mom and dad and, eventually, brothers and sisters. Sometimes with grandma and grandpa too.


My ideal client:

You love photography and you just became parents.
The baby finally arrived! So you want to immortalize this wonderful moment.
You want a professional portrait to share with your family and friends.

The baby is less than a month old, so he or she is still a quiet model for great pictures.
If you have other children, you would want pictures of all siblings together. Capturing the funny expression of curiosity of the new big brother/sister is really precious.

You may also want a family picture of the newly arrived with grandparents too.

Or you are just a friend of new parents and you want to give them a present. A newborn photo session could be the ideal and original gift for them.


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