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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it”

I am a Portrait photographer based in Boulder CO with a many years of experience in Europe where I learned different technics and styles.
My portraits always tell a story, your story. With my Italian taste I create glamorous portraits that will exalt your beauty.
I use my photographic eye and my sensibility to capture the right expression.
I love natural light and the sense of freedom and honesty of a portrait made in an authentic location.

Whether for your business headshot, a fashion editorial, or to capture an important stage of your life,  your photos will not only be beautiful, but they will also have purpose and impact.
Above all, the first rule between me and my clients is to have fun!
With a playful mindset, my shooting can be very easygoing yet produce amazing final results.

Let’s create something beautiful together!


My ideal client

You love Photography and you understand the value of a high quality picture.
In fact, you want only the best for yourself. So every time you need a photo you call only a professional photographer.
Professional portraits are what you need for your work, for your web site, for your social media or simply for you.
Or you are a model who needs new photos with a new style for your portfolio.
Or you are an editor who needs a new image for your magazine or blog.

Headshots-photography-Denver-personal branding

Personal Branding

Nowadays we all need some professional headshots for our business cards, social media and website but also some portraits that represent exactly our story, our values, our personality, and our style. Altogether, this is often referred to as ‘personal branding’.
Personal branding is how you promote yourself.
Through the right photographs you can tell your clients who you are without lengthy descriptions.
People will appreciate you because of the pictures that you will share and also for the story that these pictures will tell.
An accurate personal branding will differentiate you from your competitors while enabling you to build trust with your clients.
You will demonstrate your professional value and attract ideal opportunities.
I always ask my clients what their key professional asset is, what they want to be known for.
We will set up together the style of the shooting based on your personal branding needs.

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